WME Buyer Brokerage Information:

    Anyone in the market to purchase real estate should always be represented by their
    own broker to ensure that their interests are protected.  Prospective buyers should
    always remember that the listing broker works for the seller, representing their best
    interest and not the buyer's.  The buyer's broker fee is typically paid by the seller
    with no out-of-pocket cost to the buyer.  Buyer representation is one of our
    specialties at Wildlife Management Enterprises (WME).  We take great pride in
    helping our individual buyer clients and group buyer clients realize that dream of
    owning their own quality recreational hunting property.

    WME knows recreational hunting lands and wildlife habitat. Locating quality
    properties with quality wildlife habitat potential that meet our clients criteria and
    then maximizing that potential is what we do at WME.  At WME we understand
    that there's more to it than just buying any piece of property that has a few deer
    tracks on it or one that is marketed as "the waterfowl paradise", boasting of skies
    filled with black clouds of waterfowl.  We are unique within the real estate industry,
    providing our clients with both professional real estate and biological services.  
    WME stands by its buyer clients interest every step of the way to ensure they are
    getting what they pay for.

    The old adage "all things are not created equal" is especially true when it comes to
    land.  The fact is we live in a landscape that has been severely altered, and nothing
    has been more severely impacted by these alterations than wildlife habitat.  In
    reality, many properties marketed as "recreational hunting property" today were
    developed and managed for something other than wildlife in the past, greatly
    impacting the quality of the habitat and the wildlife that are dependent on it.  Often
    these properties have little or no quality wildlife habitat, requiring the new
    unsuspecting landowner to invest additional money, extensive time, and a lot of
    frustration on habitat restoration/enhancement and other improvements after
    purchasing the property.  That's why at WME, we don't sell you just any piece of
    property, shake your hand, wish you good luck on your purchase of wildlife
    paradise, and walk away.   

    WME has developed an extensive network of landowner and agency contacts
    allowing us to seek out quality properties meeting our buyer client's criteria that are
    not listed or are listed with other brokers.  We work one-on-one with each
    individual or group of potential buyers to find that special property with the
    potential to meet their specific goals and objectives.  WME provides our buyer
    clients with a comprehensive biological evaluation and information about a
    property's overall value, habitat quality, and potential, to allow them to make
    informative decisions prior to making a purchase.

    WME provides all of its buyer clients with a comprehensive wildlife habitat
    development and long-term management plan on their purchased property.  Then
    we continue to work with them after the purchase to restore, enhance, and manage
    the wildlife habitat on their property to its full potential.  At WME we want you, the
    landowner, to enjoy the full potential of your new purchase and all that it has to
    offer, while we take care of the details.  Contact WME today for more information
    or to set up a free no-obligation consultation.

    WME Services Provided to Our Buyer Clients:

    private wildlife habitat conservation programs that provide funding for wildlife
    habitat restoration, enhancement, and protection.
  • Expertise and experience in wildlife habitat management to coordinate and
    implement all components of the comprehensive long-term Wildlife Habitat
    Management Plan.
  • Expertise and experience in coordinating and establishing hunting clubs, group
    leases, corporate leases, local landowner wildlife management cooperatives, and
    other revenue generating opportunities consistent with the goals and objectives of
    our clients and their long-term Wildlife Habitat Management Plan.    


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