WME Wildlife Management Services:

    WME has expertise and experience in a wide range of wildlife habitat restoration,
    enhancement, and management services.  We provide wildlife habitat consulting and
    turn-key services to our seller and buyer clients as well as individuals, groups,
    corporations, hunting clubs, municipalities, non-profit organizations, and state &
    federal agencies.  Whether you're looking to improve the quality of your property's
    wildlife and existing habitat or a complete wildlife habitat restoration, WME has got
    you covered.  Contact WME today and let us help you realize your properties full
    potential and increase its value while you enjoy it.

    Some of the Wildlife Management Services Provided by WME:

  •    Wildlife Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Planning
  •    1-d-1 Wildlife Management Use Tax Exemption
  •    Wildlife Habitat Management Planning
  •    Moist-Soil Management
  •    Coastal Marsh Management
  •    Agriculture and Wildlife Compatibility Management
  •    Supplemental Feed and Food Plot Development
  •    Wildlife Census & Monitoring
  •    Population Density and Harvest Management
  •    Predator and Nuisance Wildlife Control and Management
  •    Wetland Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Development
  •    Wetland Planning & Design
  •    Levees, Water Control Structures, Water Conveyance Systems
  •    Native Moist-Soil Plant Restoration/Enhancement             
  •    Upland habitat restoration and Enhancement Development
  •    Controlled Prescribed Burning
  •    Exotic/Noxious Vegetation Control
  •    Native Prairie Restoration
  •    Reforestation
  •    Wildlife Habitat Conservation Program Planning
  •    Federal Wildlife Habitat Programs
  •    State Wildlife Habitat Programs
  •    Private Wildlife Habitat Conservation Programs
  •    Wildlife Habitat Management Cooperative Development               
  •    Hunting Club and Hunting Lease Development
  •    Conservation Easement Planning, Coordination, and BDR
  •    Mitigation Planning, Coordination, and Implementation


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