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Certified Wildlife Biologist ®

    Welcome to Wildlife Management Enterprises, LLC

    About WME:

    WME is an exclusive full service real estate brokerage, consulting, wildlife habitat
    development, and wildlife management company.  We provide these services to both
    buyers and sellers of farm, ranch, and recreational hunting properties.  We specialize in
    locating quality recreational hunting properties with the greatest wildlife habitat
    potential to meet the goals of prospective buyers.  WME works with our  buyer clients
    to locate properties that are not listed or listed with other agencies, representing the
    buyer and protecting their best interest.  

    WME recognizes that buying or selling farm, ranch, and recreational hunting property
    is a major investment.  We also recognize that prospective buyers and sellers demand
    the most knowledgeable and professional real estate brokerage firm available.  At
    WME we utilize our experience and professional expertise in real estate brokerage
    coupled with our experience and professional expertise in wildlife management to
    provide both  seller representation and buyer representation with a distinct clear cut
    advantage over our competitors in the market place.  WME is owned and operated by a
    professionally Certified Wildlife Biologist and Real Estate Broker with over 20 years
    combined experience.  Our experience and expertise in farm, ranch, recreational
    hunting properties, and wildlife habitat is unsurpassed within the real estate industry.  

    At WME we're not in business to just sell any old property to a prospective buyer.  We
    insure that we find the right property that meets the goals and objectives of our clients
    and work with them to realize their properties full wildlife habitat potential.  WME is
    fully committed to work with our clients every step of the way, from pre-sale to sale  to
    post-sale to insure that their goals are met and their interests are protected.  Contact
    WME today and turn your dream of owning your own recreational hunting ranch into
    a reality.

    About the Owner of WME:

    Ed Ritter is the owner and manager of WME.  Ed obtained his Master of Science degree
    in Wildlife Management and his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Northeast
    Louisiana University.  He has over 20 years of wildlife habitat ecology and
    management experience as a biologist, is an avid hunter and a licensed real estate
    broker through the Texas Real Estate Commission.  

    Ed has extensive knowledge and expertise in wildlife ecology and management,
    wetlands restoration and enhancement, wetlands design and construction,
    topographical surveys, wetlands ecology and management, waterfowl ecology, moist-
    soil management, coastal marsh management, whitetail deer ecology, upland wildlife
    habitat ecology and management, upland habitat restoration and enhancement, as well
    as real estate.  His entire career has been spent working with private landowners in
    Louisiana and Texas to restore, enhance, and manage the natural resources and
    increase the value of their properties.  

    Ed was employed with Ducks Unlimited, Inc. for over 15 years where he held
    numerous positions including Director of Conservation Programs (TX, NM, OK, KS),
    Manager of Conservation Programs, Regional Biological Supervisor, Regional
    Biologist, Project Biologist, and Biological Technician.  Among his many
    accomplishments was the development and implementation of the extremely
    successful Texas Prairie Wetlands Project.

    Just a Few of the Reasons to Enlist the Services of WME:

  • We stand behind our clients every step of the way, from pre-sale to post-sale and
  • We locate the right piece of recreational hunting property that fits our clients needs.
  • We develop wildlife habitat restoration/enhancement concept plans on all properties
    we list or sell.
  • We work with our clients to implement wildlife habitat restoration/enhancement
  • We develop a comprehensive long-term wildlife habitat management plan on all
    properties we list or sell.
  • We work with our clients to implement long-term wildlife habitat management.
  • Certified Wildlife Biologist
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker through the Texas Real Estate Commission.
  • Over 20 years combined experience.
  • Specializing in Buyer Representation.
  • Well versed on federal, state, and private wildlife habitat cost-share programs.
  • Full service wildlife management consulting.
  • Full service wildlife habitat development.
  • Full service real estate brokerage.
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